Thursday, December 02, 2010

Send SMS directly from Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 and Microsoft Outlook 2010


My latest development has been this SMS url which can be integrated with Microsoft’s Messaging compatible clients.

This SMS service is compatible with both Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 and Microsoft Outlook 2010. However,we’ll look at setting it up for Microsoft Outlook 2010 today…


How to setup Text Messaging Account with Microsoft Outlook 2010?

Step 1:

Open Outlook.Click on File


Step 2:

Click on Account Settings


Step 3:

You would see the below window once you click that..


Click on New on the window image

Step 4:

You would see this…


Now,Click on .image and click image

Step 5:

You would see this…


Service Provider URL is :

User ID is : youruserid

password is : yourpassword

Step 6:

Once you enter  your username and password,click on image.

You should see this box if the account settings was successful…


Click image and you would see the following pop up once a successful SMS is sent to your phone..


Step 7:

Now you can hit image on the message box and the Outlook Mobile Account Window.


Let’s hit image now…We’re done with successfully setting up our Mobile Account.

Step 8:

Now,to send SMS…

Go to image and click on image

Step 9:


Hit image and we’re done!

Let me know if you need a SMS account.You can call me at +919444009906 or email me to

Wish you success as you enjoy SMSing with Microsoft Outlook

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